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About us

Lumiford Pvt. ltd. is a registered brand in New York, U.S.A, in the business of manufacturing and marketing consumer entertainment, surveillance and office durable electronics. We desire to grow as a reputed international brand, meeting high international standards of technology, product quality, and consumer experience. We have geared to address both domestic and international on-line and off-line retailing.

Lumiford is conceptualized and designed for people who grew up with smart technology, are pampered by it and make the most of it. We innovate by cross- pollinating the modern day experiential technology advances available to us, to illuminate the unseen potential of everyday electronics.

We start our sales and operations in India, Bangladesh, USA and Canada to start with and expand to Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, S. Africa; Sri Lanka, Mexico, Canada, Malaysia, Dubai, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Indonesia in phase II.


To be respected as one of the world’s best consumer electronics company for bringing fresh and relevant experiences to life in the sector, with no compromise in its products, technology and relationship.


  • To find the best ways to combine our collective knowledge, creativity and expertise to bring relevant products and technology to the market, with a commitment to offer the best value for our customers.
  • To collaborate and work with the best-in-class professionals and associates.
  • To respect talent and relationships with sincerity, commitment and professionalism.
  • To be an entity that collaborates for the sustainable development of the society.


Mr. Shahi MD Karim,


With a strong sense of business acumen and trend spotting ability, he has earned the recognition as a business icon with a golden touch in a very short time. As a visionary, futuristic entrepreneur, businessman, educationist and a philanthropist, he believes in a world of opportunities for all, in every venture of his. His unmatched reputation in the construction, infrastructure and real estate industry has earned him the respect for his committed professionalism and relationships across states of Assam, Bengal and North East India. He takes great pride in his confidence to change the way the current consumer electronic business is addressed in the market.

Mr. Abhijit Bhattacharjee,

Chief Executive Officer

Abhijit Bhattacharjee is the CEO of Lumiford, a premium lifestyle brand focused on building futuristic products powered by new-age innovative technology. In his present capacity, Abhijit is in charge of the overall operations and resources and is involved in major corporate decisions of the company. He is also the main point of contact between the Board of Directors and corporate operations.

Abhijit comes with a rich academic background holding an MBA specializing in finance and marketing. With over 15 years of experience as a trading consultant, Abhijit’s expertise lies in foreign trade with countries such as China and Hong Kong. A seasoned business professional, Abhijit has certifications from Cisco and Microsoft, and a certification on LOTUS notes Hong Kong.

Having been a part of Lumiford ever since its inception in 2017, Abhijit strongly promotes the ‘Make in India’ concept and supports products made locally. He envisions Lumiford to be on the top of the list of most popular brands in India, not only in the affordable consumer electronics category but also in terms of innovation and diversification.

An avid reader, Abhijit often unwinds with a good book on finance, global economy, or gadgets. He also plans to tie up Lumiford with an NGO in the near future for philanthropic activities as a part of corporate social responsibility. Hailing from Kolkata, Abhijit currently resides in Hyderabad.